We’re Under Attack

It’s plain to see Democrats have one goal in 2018: to go after our members.  More than half of the Republicans the DCCC are targeting for defeat are members of Main Street Republicans. If we lose these seats, Republicans will lose their governing majority in 2018.

This is finally clear proof that the Democrats are more concerned with gaining back power than working to improve the lives of American families.  Our shared conservative beliefs of lower taxes, more American jobs and less government invasion in our lives are what is at stake. The left knows that Main Street members are key to protecting the Republican majority and they are going all in to try and take us down.

Republican Main Street Partnership

The 2018 mudslinging has already started and we need your help to defend our members. Republican efforts on tax reform, healthcare, and revitalizing the economy stand no chance if we give the House back to Nancy Pelosi and the liberal left.

Main Street’s Majority Makers, are just that – Majority Makers. Our coalition includes over 70 members of Congress, and those members also provide an outsized share of the leadership in Congress. Our members include chairs of 3 committees and 25 subcommittees in the House, as well as 2 committee chairs in the Senate.

Because Main Street Republicans represent the swing districts, our members, and the Republican majority, are under constant assault from the liberal left, and this memo further proves that. Nancy Pelosi and the liberal left are coming after our Majority Makers, we need your support to fight them back!

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