WASHINGTON – Following D.C. lobbyist and millionaire Scott Wallace’s announcement that he is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 8th district, Sarah Chamberlain, President of Defending Main Street, released the following statement:
“The people of Bucks County will not be fooled by Scott Wallace’s sudden move back to the district – Washington doesn’t need another disconnected politician trying to buy their way into Congress. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick has years of demonstrated commitment to the country and the people of Pennsylvania. Defending Main Street will do all it can to ensure Rep. Fitzpatrick is able to continue his work on behalf of Bucks County families.”
  • Scott Wallace has himself admitted, “For the past decade, we have lived half the time in South Africa,” far from the issues facing Bucks County Families
  • Wallace lists his primary residence as a large Bethesda, MD estate
  • Scott Wallace’s current Pennsylvania Bar status is listed as “administrative suspension,” showing he hasn’t practiced law in the state in years
  • Wallace worked as a registered D.C. lobbyist from 1999-2006

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