Gearing Up for 2018

Despite our success in the 2016 elections, Defending Main Street does not have the luxury of resting on its laurels. The downside to the Republican Party’s current advantageous position is that historically the party that wins control of both the White House and Congress almost always suffers significant losses in the first midterm elections. Less than one-third of Main Street’s current members were in office in 2004, the last election in which the Republicans won control of both houses of Congress and the presidency. They have no personal experience of the disastrous 2006 midterm elections, when Main Street suffered considerable setbacks and Republicans lost control of the House.

Historically it’s likely that the party controlling the White House loses a number of seats in the first mid-term.  Main Street’s members represent the vulnerable districts the Democratic machine will spend most heavily to flip.  The Democratic organization can be counted on to spend even more to defeat our members in the next election than the record-breaking totals they spent in 2016. The recent Women’s March in Washington, and the hundreds of other marches around the country, point toward the development of a Tea Party movement of the left that may endanger both our members and continued Republican control of both houses of Congress.

That’s why we’re starting now to build up support for our incumbent members, so that they can enter 2018 in the strongest possible position. We’re also cultivating candidates for open-seat contests that are likely to develop as a result of retirements, administrative appointments, and incumbent members running for higher office.

Joining the Defending Main Street Super PAC is the best investment you can make in strengthening the

governing wing of the Republican Party and retaining Republican control of Congress. Membership also brings a package of benefits including twice-yearly retreats, newsletters, and digital updates.

Our members of Congress are what Main Street special and our success is measured by theirs.  Because of that, we are committed to openness, honesty, and transparency.  97% of the money we raise goes to candidates and as a donor you’ll have full access to our books at any time.  Our pledge is to put your money to use directly with candidates facing the toughest races

Our members of Congress will face some of the most difficult election battles  in 2018. Can you help us to push them to victory? Our nation’s future depends on the outcome of these critical contests, but we can’t succeed without your help. Please join us!

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