Donors Not Buying Grimm’s “Comeback” Story

WASHINGTON – After Rep. Dan Donovan (NY-11) significantly out raised convicted felon and congressional candidate Michael Grimm, Sarah Chamberlain, President of Defending Main Street released the following statement:

“After cozying up to Steve Bannon and attempting to make the jump from a prison cell to the campaign trail, it’s clear that the people of Staten Island aren’t falling for Michael Grimm’s charm offensive. Rep. Dan Donovan has dedicated his life to putting corrupt men like Grimm behind bars, and is demonstrating a continued commitment to the people of New York while Grimm attempts to court voters in an effort to reclaim the seat he resigned in scandal.”


Michael Grimm is dead certain of these things: He didn’t deserve that prison time. He can recapture his old seat representing New York in Congress. And he’ll get back to Washington with the enthusiastic support of one Mr. Steve Bannon. “We’re definitely going to work together…. And I can say that Steve Bannon was very excited about it,” Grimm told Newsweek in an exclusive interview after his Wednesday sitdown on Capitol Hill with the former chief strategist to President Donald Trump.

Washington Post: Former Rep. Michael Grimm sentenced to 8 months in prison
Grimm, 45, resigned in January, days after pleading guilty to felony tax fraud. The former Marine and FBI agent was accused of misconduct related to his management of a health food restaurant he co-owned before he was elected to Congress in 2010, underreporting wages and receipts to authorities in order to evade various federal, state and local taxes. Prosecutors alleged he made a habit of paying workers, some of them who he knew were illegal immigrants, in cash.

The Atlantic: Why a Crooked Staten Island Republican Abandoned Congress
The Staten Island Republican late Monday gave up the House seat he had just secured for another two years, bowing to pressure from a party leadership that wanted him gone. Grimm, 44, had pleaded guilty last week to a single count of federal tax fraud, a crime that prosecutors said could send him to prison for up to three years.


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