June 5, 2017

Case Studies on Our Success

Primaried From the Right

Rep. Mike Simpson (ID -02) – 9 Term Incumbent

In 2014, nine term incumbent Congressman Mike Simpson faced a tough primary challenge from a very conservative trial attorney from Idaho, Bryan Smith. One headline summarizes this race well:

“The incumbent [was] a top target for conservatives — specifically Club for Growth, which spent more than $500,000 on behalf of Smith. The group decided to target Simpson after its members voted for him through the club’s ‘Primary My Congressman’ initiative.” -Politico, 5/21/14

Responding to this aggressive attack plan from Club for Growth, Defending Main Street sprung into action with a comprehensive plan to defend our incumbent member. Spending less than our opposition outside groups, we focused on eld work and TV ad buys which were able to propel Rep. Simpson to a 62%-38% victory in one of the most contentious primaries of the cycle. For this race we deployed a eld team of 100 trained Boots on the Ground.

Winning With New Candidates

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-08) – Freshman

Following the retirement of veteran PA-08 Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, Republicans faced a tough battle in a purple suburban Philadelphia district rated PVI R+2. Through our 56 member Boots on the Ground eld team, we gained an understanding of the demographics and political dynamics of this district that helped us craft a winning message.

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s credentials as an FBI counterterror agent made him a perfect candidate to campaign on a message of security and staibility. Our eld teams and direct mail were able to get his name and record in law enforecement out to the voters in a meaningful way. With our help, Fitzpatrick carried the seat 54%-46%.