June 5, 2017

A Comprehensive Approach

With hundreds of PAC groups vying for attention in today’s political climate, it can seem easy to get lost in the fold. Defending Main Street is different. Instead of relying on expensive television ad buys, we invest in grassroots programs to put professionally trained boots on the ground in our target districts. In the 2016 cycle, we deployed 950 trained grassroots activists to districts across the country.

In today’s hyper-partisan environment, the grassroots approach allows us to dispell common misconceptions about our candidates and get real time information about how our candidate is perceived by voters.

When Rep. Dave Joyce of Ohio faced a primary election from a challenger who had come close to unseating him in 2016, we sprang into action to defend him. While we did run television advertisements and targeted mail campaigns, the bulk of our resources went into the mobilization of 110 boots on the ground professionals who go door-to-door to interview voters and drive turnout.

Thanks to Main Street’s support, Rep. Joyce defeated his challenger by a greater margin than he had in 2014. After the election, leaked documents revealed that the Democrats had been counting on the primary to deplete Rep. Joyce’s campaign cash, making his seat a “tier 1 pickup opportunity” in the general election.


Main Street also succeeded in driving Senator Todd Young, a three-term member of the House, to victory in an open primary for Indiana’s Senate seat. Again, we put the bulk of our expenditures into boots on the ground grassroots efforts, deploying a team of 76 professionals. We have found that these operations are superior to polling in giving us a day-to-day feel for the mood of voters and the candidate’s performance.