Ashley Nickloes: A New Mission


Defending Main Street has launched a six-figure ad buy in support of combat veteran and candidate for the open congressional seat in Tennessee’s second district, Ashley Nickloes.

Ashley Nickloes has stood up for our country and dedicated her life to keeping us safe. We need more women in Washington and Main Street is proud to support a dedicated conservative and brave veteran like Nickloes.

Sarah Chamberlain

President, Defending ​Main Street

“A New Mission” will run through the August 2nd congressional primary. 

About Ashley:

Ashley Nickloes serves in the Tennessee Air National Guard and the U. S. Air Force with the current rank of Lt. Colonel. She has served eight deployments since 9/11 and supported numerous operations, including: Enduring Freedom, Noble Eagle, Inherent Resolve, Freedom Sentinel, and Unified Protector. In the National Guard Bureau, Ashley serves as the Deputy Director of NGB Patriot North and South Exercises, training military and civilian entities to respond to disasters.

Ashley will bring her Tennessee values to Washington and be a fighting force for the people of the 2nd District. In Congress she will work to strengthen the our military, protect our borders, and grow our economy.

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