About Us

Defending the Republican Party's Majority Makers

The Defending Main Street Super PAC is the most effective independent expenditure organization supporting the governing wing of the Republican Party. Main Street’s members have built a reputation as the workhorses of the GOP. In the 115th Congress, Main Street members passed nearly 200 bills through the House, the Senate, or both chambers and chaired 25 subcommittees in the U.S. House of Representatives. Main Street won over 70% of the races Defending Main Street funded last cycle and now have over 50 Main Street members sitting in Congress. This cycle, we have our eyes set on winning back the House majority and filling it with governing Republicans who will work across the aisle to find pragmatic solutions that best serve the American people. That's why Defending Main Street has launched its 20 for '20 program with the goal of finding, funding, and pushing 20 Republican U.S. House candidates in districts across the country to the finish line in November of 2020. Ninety-seven cents on every dollar raised goes directly to funding GOP leaders willing to lead the fight for our future. Join us in moving America in the right direction.